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If there are no photos, how does matching work?

We match based on gender identity, age preferences, location, and allegedly star sign.

Why is oh hi only in New York City?

There were too many cities to do all at once, so we started with the best one.

When are you launching in my city?

TBD! We're looking to roll out to at least LA, SF, and Chicago this year.

Is it safe?

Yes! All dates are in normal, public places, just like you'd want from a regular date. You can also report harassment directly through the app.

What if I don't like my date?‍

Leave politely? See if they'll pay, too.

Something came up, can I cancel my date?

You can cancel once or twice without penalty. But if you cancel frequently we'll de-prioritize you from matching, and it's possible you'll be alone forever.

I felt harassed, what can I do?

You can report harassment through the app - we'll investigate and possibly ban the offending user.